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Matasano cryptopals challenge - part one - Converting to base64

This post is the first one of a serie about the matasano cryptopals challenge. This serie is not intended to cover all excercises of this challenge. I’m just going to write about some of them I find interesting. Moreover, I don’t want to give all solutions of the challenge, it could be more rewarding to do it by yourself.

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Dockerizing Arma3 servers

Hey guys !

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Hosting a public DNS

When I installed this host (which is more powerful than the old one), I tought it might be cool to provide public service(s) to people on the internet. As a result, the first service which was publicly available was a teamspeak server (Yeah, I’m a gamer too). Few months ago, I discovered The OpenNIC project, which is pretty cool to bypass your ISP DNS/ICANN (for any reason, this post is not about why? but how?). You know where I’m going, right?

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Jekyll in a container

I like containers. I mean, I really like containers. It keeps my host clean from all the shitty things I try, allows me to isolate applications, is lightweight and so on. Pick one or more from these statements. So when I decided to setup a blog, the first thing I did was:

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Hello world !

Here, you’ll find my thoughts, various tricks about sysadmin, programming and stuff. Just let me know if I’m doing things wrong and enjoy ;)

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